See The Potential


I came across this touching video that tells the story of a piano. I won’t tell the whole story in detail in this post, because I really would like my readers to watch it. As a piano teacher, this video did tug at my heart-strings, because playing music and life is inseperable for me. For anyone, actually, this video is enjoyable to watch and may hopefully inspire those who watch it to start learning an instrument (I am not just referring to the piano) or find time to practice a little more. Because with music in our lives, we find a new kind of freedom of expression as we play music, be it on whichever instrument you have an affinity for.

The story begins with a piano being played by a woman, who grows old and then passes away. The piano then is transported to different places until it finally is bought by someone younger. The piano obviously has aged and has been neglected and so the new owner embarks on a DIY project to refurbish the piano. But that is not the end – you will have to watch it to see it.

The purpose of the video however, was not necessarily to encourage people to play the piano. Although that was a by-product for sure. The purpose was to illustrate that we need to see the potential in things. In this example, the new owner saw potential in an old, worn piano. The piano underwent a transformation and much more music came from the piano thereafter. . . just because someone saw the potential.

In this same way, we need to see the potential in others. Sure, a person may seem too old or rough around the edges. Perhaps they just need a smile? Perhaps they need to be seen in a different light to be transformed into someone with new hope in life?

Whatever or whoever it may be, let’s try to see the potenital. “All it takes is one person to see the music that still lives inside”.


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