About Milly Mom

Hi there!

I’m Camilla, or just “Milly” for short!

Since I was a little girl I have loved to write, whether what I wrote were stories or persuasive essays. Although I never thought of myself as a professional writer, I just knew that having my own blog would be a great creative outlet for me that I would really love and enjoy.

As a wife and mother of three, a business degree graduate and music teacher, there are plenty of great ideas I have collected along the way which I am pretty excited to share with you. My quest here at Milly Mom is to give you useful ideas to help you make your life plus your family life happier and better in all aspects.

Please don’t think that this site is all about me – I am not a perfect blogger who has a perfectly decorated home or perfectly behaved kids, nor do I have everything so organized and “all together”…

Nope, my home is usually decorated in bits of toys and laundry, my kids behave like themselves (which usually can get loud), and I am often trying to regain control of my life as a mom. But I am happy and we are always trying to become a better family everyday.

And yes… you might be rolling your eyes, saying to yourself, “Not another mommy-blog!”  – I hear you.

I say the reason there are so many “mommy-blogs” out there is because mothers are the anchors of society. Mommy-life can be discouraging, painful, thankless and just plain scary.

Well, I get you. And I am here to help you and your family through the articles I share with the goal of making a happier home.

If you’re not sure which post to read as a start, you could try  What is the Best Age to Start Music Lessons? or check out the recipe for Creamy Caramel Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls.