Cheat Churros Recipe

During the school holidays, my sister and her kids came to stay with us for two days. It was super fun, but it’s sure busy having her four kids plus my three in the house!

What goes with having lots of little busy bodies is fueling their energy that they expend so freely. My sister and I were on a mission to feed the masses: 7 children under one roof and whose tummies were seemingly bottomless pits. Continue reading “Cheat Churros Recipe”

Creamy Caramel & Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

I LOVE Cinnabon’s! Over the years I have been determined to recreate this delicious confectionary. As a result, my recipe has evolved into a chocolatey cinnamon roll with a creamy caramel and chocolate sauce drizzled on top. This has actually become one of my family favourites. It is an easy, satisfying sweet treat that many cannot resist. The less time anything can take to make, the … Continue reading Creamy Caramel & Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

How Having Eggs For Breakfast Changed Our Lives

As a teen, some of my friends at school would often tell me that they hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning. Me on the other hand was totally like, “Man, breakfast was the reason I got out of bed this morning!” And I’ve been that way even as a young adult, BK – Before Kids. Now, AK – After Kids, my kids are the reason I get … Continue reading How Having Eggs For Breakfast Changed Our Lives