FIRE SAFETY – Music & Movement Lesson Plan


We did a music and movement lesson last week on FIRE SAFETY. It’s really an important topic to discuss with kids from a young age, given the great hazard that fire poses in life. Be sure to discuss the good uses of fire and of course how to respect it!

Materials Preparation: Find pictures of the uses of fire on a tablet to show the children as part of the introduction. Prepare the songs included in the lesson outline below (you can buy them on iTunes or download them from YouTube). They are:

  • “Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire truck” by the Kiboomers
  • “Stop, Drop and Roll” Fire Safety Song for Kids by Victor Johnson
  • “Dance of Fire” by James Asher
  • “Fawkes the Phoenix” by John Williams

Ensure that you listen to and learn the songs prior to the class so that you don’t look like a dummy if you are not sure how the song goes. Also bring along musical instruments, such as small drums, maracas or bells for the children to play during the Classical Spot Activity. Also, if you are able to bring red, yellow or orange sashes or ribbons for the children to wave around during the fire dance. We will be using the parachute or a big blanket to “put out” the “fire” in the fire dance.

  1. Hello Song/Warm-up Song:
    • Gather the children together in a circle and greet one another with the Hello Song/Warm-up Song you prefer to use.
  2. Circle Time Parachute Activity Songs: 
    • Sing two or three songs using the parachute. These songs are the same ones you use every week just to help the children feel familiar and confident. You can rotate through a few different ones as you feel. These are parachute activity songs that you can use the parachute in different ways for each song. The ones I use with the parachute are:
      • Ring a Ring of Roses (Children hold the parachute and walk around in a circle, fall down, jump up, make the “wind” billow the parachute up and down quickly, etc.)
      • Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Children sway from side to side holding the parachute, like rowing a boat, then making big or small waves up and down, and even letting a stuffed teddy bear “float on the water” i.e. on the parachute – children love to make the stuffed animal bounce up and down on the parachute!)
      • The Grand Old Duke of York (children march in place, lift the parachute up then down, and then salute)
      • Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (children go around in a circle holding the parachute for first verse, and then rub the parachute material together in their hands for the second verse – “this is the way we wash our clothes”)
  3. Introduction of Theme: FIRE SAFETY
    • Introduce the Fire Safety theme using the pictures found of the uses of fire.
    • Briefly discuss with the children the pictures that you show them.
  4. Gross Motor Activity:
    • Song: “Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire truck” by the Kiboomers
    • Now this is a really cute, fun song for the kids! We all have to pretend that we are fire fighters!
    • Follow the cues from the song regarding the actions: drive the fire truck; turn the corner; climb the ladder; spray the water; and then drive slowly back to the station.
  5. Imagination Activity:
    • Explain to the children that one of the ways to put out a fire is to literally squash or suffocate it using a big, thick blanket.
    • Using the song “Dance of Fire” by James Asher, split the children into two groups: those acting like the “fire” and those putting out the “fire”.
    • The children who are the “fire” will have the red/yellow/orange ribbons or sashes to wave around.
    • Using the parachute or a big blanket, the other group of children will “put out” the “fire” with a blanket or parachute.
    • Optional: The groups of children can swap roles to take turns.
  6. Story Time:
    • Fire Safety Lesson! What do you do when fire catches on your clothes?
    • Teach the children what it means to “Stop, Drop and Roll”
    • Practice stopping, dropping and rolling
    • Song: “Stop, Drop and Roll” Fire Safety Song for Kids by Victor Johnson
    • Stop, drop and roll

      Stop, drop and roll

      Three little words you need to know

      Stop drop and roll!

  7. Classical Spot:
    • “Fawkes the Phoenix” by John Williams
    • Ask the children if they know what a phoenix is.
    • Explain that it is a mythological bird with special powers. When it would get old and die, it would be reborn as a new, young phoenix through the fire it created within itself.
  8. Instrument Activity:
    • Play instruments to “Fawkes the Phoenix”, playing slowly and softly in the beginning of the piece and gradually getting louder to match the piece.
    • Make sure the children are able to learn how to play on the beat. Count 1-2-3-4 aloud as you play along with the song.
    • Mix up things with doing different actions while plying the instruments, like playing above your head, behind your back, turning around, playing fast or slowly, etc. Be creative!
  9. Conclusion:
    • Remind the children of the dangers of fire and to respect fire; to never play with matches or fire crackers. Also, remember to Stop, Drop and Roll – should fire catch on your clothing.
    • Sing your Goodbye/Winding-down song in your circle.


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