7 Effective Ways to Make the Most of Your Lockdown

With many countries in the world currently facing lockdown restrictions, we find ourselves stuck at home. You may have more time now – although if you’re like me and have a couple of kids to homeschool you may have less – but how do you make effective use of your time without “doom-surfing” every couple of minutes or binge-watching a second-rate series? 1. Routine Waking … Continue reading 7 Effective Ways to Make the Most of Your Lockdown

Farm Animals – Music & Movement Lesson Plan

Who doesn’t love to visit the farm and see all the animals there? There’s a whole bunch of fun songs that go with the farm animals theme and a lot you can do with your kids. Whether you learn the sounds that the animals make or learn the classic Chicken Dance or sing Old MacDonald, this music and movement lesson plan is a classic hit. Continue reading “Farm Animals – Music & Movement Lesson Plan”

Cheat Churros Recipe

During the school holidays, my sister and her kids came to stay with us for two days. It was super fun, but it’s sure busy having her four kids plus my three in the house!

What goes with having lots of little busy bodies is fueling their energy that they expend so freely. My sister and I were on a mission to feed the masses: 7 children under one roof and whose tummies were seemingly bottomless pits. Continue reading “Cheat Churros Recipe”

Why I Let My Kids Watch Star Wars

As Star Wars fans, my husband and I have started showing some of the age-appropriate Star Wars films to our two boys. They have so enjoyed them, I daresay we have created mini Star Wars fans. Now, when they play with their Star Wars Lego, they actually know which scene it’s from and love to re-enact all the action. Having said that, I still prefer … Continue reading Why I Let My Kids Watch Star Wars