Winter Music & Movement Lesson Plan

Here’s my lesson plan for the Winter theme!

Materials Preparation: Bring a beanie, a scarf and a pair of gloves to class to help introduce the Winter theme. Find some pictures or posters of winter on a tablet to show the children as part of the introduction. Prepare the songs included in the lesson outline below (you can buy them on iTunes or download them from YouTube). Ensure that you listen to and learn the songs prior to the class so that you don’t look like a dummy if you are not sure how the song goes!

  1. Hello Song/Warm-up Song:
    • Gather the children together in a circle and greet one another with the Hello Song/Warm-up Song you prefer to use.
  2. Circle Time Parachute Activity Songs: 
    • Sing two or three songs using the parachute. These songs are the same ones you use every week just to help the children feel familiar and confident. You can rotate through a few different ones as you feel. These are parachute activity songs that you can use the parachute in different ways for each song. The ones I use with the parachute are:
      • Ring a Ring of Roses (Children hold the parachute and walk around in a circle, fall down, jump up, make the “wind” billow the parachute up and down quickly, etc.)
      • Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Children sway from side to side holding the parachute, like rowing a boat, then making big or small waves up and down, and even letting a stuffed teddy bear “float on the water” i.e. on the parachute – children love to make the stuffed animal bounce up and down on the parachute!)
      • The Grand Old Duke of York (children march in place, lift the parachute up then down, and then salute)
      • Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (children go around in a circle holding the parachute for first verse, and then rub the parachute material together in their hands for the second verse – “this is the way we wash our clothes”)
  3. Introduction of Theme: WINTER 
    • Introduce the Winter theme using a few different pictures about winter on a tablet or with posters.
    • Teach the Winter theme song using the beanie, scarf and gloves. Ask for a volunteer to be the model for putting on the beanie, scarf and gloves, as you sing through the winter song below: (Sung  to the tune of “Brother Jacob”)

It is snowing, it is snowing,

On my (head/neck/hands), on my (head/neck/hands)

I need (a beanie/a scarf/some gloves), I need (a beanie/a scarf/some gloves),

On my (head/neck/hands), on my (head/neck/hands).

  1. Gross Motor Activity: Use your Imagination!
    • Tell the story of Frosty The Snowman and show a picture of a snowmanfrosty
    • Then, using the song, act out how the children built Frosty and when he comes to life.
    • You may even want to do “Let it Go”, and do the whole Queen Elsa act!
  2. Classical Spot Activity
    • Vivaldi’s Winter classical piece. Show a picture (if you like) of Antonio Vivaldi the composer. You could share a little about when he was born and what he did.
    • Let the children listen to a little bit of the beginning of the piece. Let them close their eyes and listen to the mood and different instruments and let them imagine a wintry day as they listen.
  3. Instrument Activity
    • Play along with the percussion instruments to Vivaldi’s Winter piece. Help the children to play along to the beat of the song; to play softly or loudly during the soft and loud parts; and to mimic the ways and directions you move your percussion instrument. You could move around like a snow blizzard or gently as a snowflake.
  4. Conclusion:
    • Encourage the children to dress warmly during the winter season! Also help them to appreciate the beauty of nature during winter.
  5. Goodbye/Winding-Down Song:
    • In your circle, sing your Goodbye/Winding-Down song.

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