Farm Animals – Music & Movement Lesson Plan

Who doesn’t love to visit the farm and see all the animals there? There’s a whole bunch of fun songs that go with the farm animals theme and a lot you can do with your kids. Whether you learn the sounds that the animals make or learn the classic Chicken Dance or sing Old MacDonald, this music and movement lesson plan is a classic hit.


Farm Animals Music & Movement Lesson Plan:

Welcome Ring – Hello Song

Do the actions in the Hello Song as indicated.

Sung a capella (without music)

Up, down, turn around,

Touch the sky and touch the ground,

Wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes,

Wiggle your shoulders and say, hello!


Parachute Songs & Activities

Choose 2 or 3 of these simple songs or of your own to do every week using the parachute

Actions and activities done with the parachute follow the words of each song. For example, if the song says “up”, the parachute is lifted up, etc.

1.       Ring a Ring a Roses – Everyone walks around in a circle, falls down, jumps up, etc.

2.       The Grand Ol’ Duke of York – Lift the parachute, up, down, salute and march in place.

3.       Row, Row Your Boat – Sway from side to side as if everyone is rowing a boat. Use a beach ball of a stuffed toy that could “float” or bounce up and down in the parachute, pretending that the parachute are the waves.

4.       Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush – Walk around in a circle, rub the parachute in between your hands to pretend to wash clothes, and then lift the parachute up and down quickly to pretend to dry the washed clothes.

Farm Animals Theme Introduction

  • Show the children different pictures of farm animals.
  • Allow them to make the different animal sounds as you show each picture.
  • Emphasize the low pitch of a moo and the high pitch of a neigh. You could use other examples.
  • Teach and sing Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.
  • Sing Old MacDonald, giving the correct sounds for each animal. Clap to the beat of the song as you sing it (except for when giving the correct sounds).

Gross Motor Activity Songs

Teach the Chicken Dance!

  • Do “birdie-beaks” using pointed, closed fingers, 4 times
  • Flap using bent arms like a chicken, 4 times
  • Shake your “tail feathers”, 4 times
  • Clap hands together, 4 times
  • During the chorus, everyone holds hands and walks together round in the circle

As you teach the children the actions, make sure you count aloud with them 1-2-3-4 as you do each action. This will help them develop beat.

Musical Principle Activity

High and Low Pitch Activity:

Using a basic instrument (such as a recorder, mouth organ, ukulele or guitar) play high, middle and low pitches for the children. Ask them to raise their hands when they hear a high pitch and tap the floor when they hear a low pitch. If it is a middle pitch, they can wave their arm out in front of them.

Percussion Instruments Activity

Hand out percussion instruments to the children, such as tambourines, shakers and bells.

  • Let’s play our percussion instruments to the song, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.
  • Explain to the children that there are 4 counts in every bar/measure, or more simply put, they need to count up to 4 when they play along.
  • Count aloud 1-2-3-4 as you play along.
  • If necessary, assist each child to correctly play according to the beat in the song.
  • Then, sing and play along to the song.

Fun & Dance Activity Song

Dance to Old MacDonald and act out all the different animals – cow, duck, chicken, horse, pig, etc.

Change things up by doing different actions to the song that the children can copy according to their abilities. Hop on one leg, turn around, jump up and down, shake your hands, skip, or clap to the beat. Or, if the children can do freestyle dancing, that’s more fun!


 Quick recap on the things learned during the lesson and regarding the theme.

You could conclude the theme with the children in this way:

“How fun it is to visit the farm! Don’t you love farm animals? Which ones are your favorite farm animals? Aren’t you glad we have farms that can produce milk, eggs and meat for us?”

Goodbye Song

Do the actions in the Goodbye Song as indicated.

Sung a capella (without music)

Up, down, turn around,

Touch the sky and touch the ground,

Rub your tummy, blink your eyes,

Blow a kiss and say goodbye!

Things you’ll need for this lesson:

  • An activity parachute, or a colourful blanket, or a round piece of material
  • A sound dock to play the music
  • A device such as an iPod or smart phone. I use my phone to connect to the sound dock to play songs I choose for the lesson off YouTube or iTunes. I also compile a specific playlist for each lesson theme.
  • Beach ball or soft toy for the parachute activity.
  • Pictures of Farm Animals to show the children. I use my iPad and I Google the different pictures of farm animals I like and save them on the device. If you have a poster of farm animals or a book, that’ll work, too.
  • Basic Instruments for you to demonstrate the musical principle activity, such as a piano (if available) recorder, mouth organ, ukulele or guitar.
  • Percussion instruments for the children to play with, such as tambourines, shakers and bells.

I like to always keep everything (besides my iPad and phone) in a bag and safely stored in a cupboard when not in use. It just makes it easier to keep it all together and easily accessible.

For your convenience, I have the links for the songs I used for this Farm Animals Lesson Plan all compiled neatly in the list below:

Song List Links:

These are just suggestions, if you find better ones you like, feel free to use them. The links above are predominantly linked to the iTunes Store, however I am sure you could find them on Google Play as well. If I cannot find the right song on iTunes, I go on to YouTube and download it and delete it when I am finished using it.

Feel free to comment below about any other tips you found useful during your lesson. I hope you have fun presenting this music and movement lesson plan to your little ones!

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  1. I love this edition of your blog, Cami! Thanks for sharing it! You are becoming a real pro! Love you, sweetheart! Dad.



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