Farm Animals – Music & Movement Lesson Plan

Who doesn’t love to visit the farm and see all the animals there? There’s a whole bunch of fun songs that go with the farm animals theme and a lot you can do with your kids. Whether you learn the sounds that the animals make or learn the classic Chicken Dance or sing Old MacDonald, this music and movement lesson plan is a classic hit. Continue reading “Farm Animals – Music & Movement Lesson Plan”

Spring – Music & Movement Lesson Plan

For those of us living in the southern hemisphere, the warm weather is here. At last the sunny days of short sleeves and bare feet has come! Then for those of you in the northern hemisphere – how about y’all just save this lesson plan for future use! It’s one to look forward to for sure! Materials Preparation: Find a few different beautiful pictures of … Continue reading Spring – Music & Movement Lesson Plan

Under The Sea – Music & Movement Lesson Plan

This week’s music and movement lesson is on the theme Under The Sea. I’m pretty sure the first thing that comes to all of our minds is of Sebastian the crab singing “Under The Sea” in his Jamaican accent. In this theme, there are so many different songs and resources you could choose from. But Super Simple Songs are honestly my favourite. Their songs are of … Continue reading Under The Sea – Music & Movement Lesson Plan

The Crocodile – Music & Movement Lesson Plan

Here’s my lesson plan for the Crocodile theme! This lesson was fun to do for the reason that it is an unusual theme. Feel free to use this plan in whichever way that best suits your class age and needs. Materials Preparation: Find a picture of a crocodile on a tablet to show the children as part of the introduction. Prepare the songs included in … Continue reading The Crocodile – Music & Movement Lesson Plan