Music and Movement Lesson Plan: Care of my Body

This lesson plan is all about teaching children how and why body hygiene is important and fun! It teaches about brushing teeth, bath time, hand washing and eating right. Stay clean and stay healthy!


  1. Use hand sanitizer on everyone’s hands before and after the lesson.
  2. Sanitize the percussion instruments before and after use.
  3. Wear masks, especially while singing.

Care for My Body Music & Movement Lesson Plan:

Welcome Ring – Hello Song
Do the actions in the Hello Song as indicated. Use the ”Hello, Hello!” song from Super Simple Songs.
“Hello, hello.
Can you clap your hands?
Hello, hello.
Can you clap your hands?” etc…
Parachute Songs & Activities
Choose 2 or 3 of these simple songs or of your own to do every week using the parachute.
Actions and activities done with the parachute follow the words of each song. For example, if the song says “up”, the parachute is lifted up, etc.
1.       Ring a Ring a Roses – Everyone walks around in a circle, falls down, jumps up, etc.
2.    The Grand Ol’ Duke of York – Lift the parachute, up, down, salute and march in place.
3.       Row, Row Your Boat – Sway from side to side as if everyone is rowing a boat. Use a beach ball of a stuffed toy that could “float” or bounce up and down in the parachute, pretending that the parachute are the waves.
4.       Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush – Walk around in a circle, rub the parachute in between your hands to pretend to wash clothes, and then lift the parachute up and down quickly to pretend to dry the washed clothes.
Care For My Body: Theme IntroductionShow the children different pictures of caring for our bodies, such as brushing teeth, bathing, exercise, eating healthy food and washing hands. Discuss the importance of each. You could use other examples.

Teach this easy rhyme:
“(Brushing my teeth) is fun to do, fun to do, to do, to do!
(Brushing my teeth) is fun to do, to do, to do, to do, to do!”

Insert “Having a bath”/”Washing my hands”, “Eating veggies”, etc.
Gross Motor Activity SongsSing and dance along to Barney’s “Brushing My Teeth” song, acting out brushing in all the different parts of your mouth (top, back, bottom, all around)

Move and dance with the music while you brush your teeth in all the different ways.
Musical Principle ActivityLearning our right and left hands is important for coordination in learning an instrument one day. (This may be too difficult for very young children, but it is good to introduce this concept anyway) Using a non-toxic whiteboard marker or stickers, write “L” and “R” on each child’s hands to teach them which hand is left and right. (Whiteboard markers wash off skin easily, but stickers will work too)
Ask the kids to “brush” their teeth/hair or “wash” their tummy with their right hand or left hand. Help them know which is the correct hand.
Percussion Instruments Activity Hand out percussion instruments to the children, such as tambourines, shakers and bells.Eating healthy food is super important for caring for our bodies. Let’s play our percussion instruments to the song,“Apples and Bananas”. Have fun singing along with it too!
Fun & Dance Activity SongDance to “Bath Time Boogie” and teach the kids how to do a basic Twist dance.
Conclusion Quick recap on the things learned during the lesson and regarding the theme.Teach the children that caring for your body takes a bit a of work, but a healthy body makes you happy!
Goodbye Song Do the actions in the Goodbye Song as indicated.Sung a capella (without music)Here’s a cute “Goodbye” song from the Kiboomers. Help the children to do the echo singing part in the song. (You can cut the song in half if it’s too long)

Things you’ll need for this lesson:

  • An activity parachute, or a colourful blanket, or a round piece of material
  • A sound dock to play the music
  • A device such as an iPod or smart phone. I use my phone to connect to the sound dock to play songs I choose for the lesson off YouTube or iTunes or Apple Music. I also compile a specific playlist for each lesson theme.
  • Beach ball or soft toy for the parachute activity.
  • Pictures of caring for our bodies to show the children. I use my iPad and I Google the different pictures I like and save them on the device.
  • Whiteboard marker to write “L” or “R” on the children’s hands.
  • A variety of percussion instruments for the children to play with, such as tambourines, shakers and bells.

Feel free to comment below about any other tips you found useful during your lesson. I hope you have fun presenting this music and movement lesson plan to your little ones!

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