7 Effective Ways to Make the Most of Your Lockdown

With many countries in the world currently facing lockdown restrictions, we find ourselves stuck at home. You may have more time now – although if you’re like me and have a couple of kids to homeschool you may have less – but how do you make effective use of your time without “doom-surfing” every couple of minutes or binge-watching a second-rate series?

1. Routine

Waking up whenever you feel like it may be okay now and then, but for the most part setting a regular time to wake up and turn in for the night is best. It helps to make life go on normally as far as is in your control. If you have kids, routine is super crucial to assist them with knowing what to expect and how they are expected to spend their time. A balanced routine includes a set time for work early in the day, indoor exercise, cleaning, playing or listening to music, screen time, outside time (if possible), reading and so on. Write out a routine and place it somewhere in your home for everyone to see.

2. Start a Side Hustle or Innovate Your Existing Business

The world’s economy has taken an incredible blow. I think it best to try diversify your income as far as is feasible. The times ahead will be different in the working world, although if you’re in the toilet paper business you’re set. For the rest of us, we may need to look into providing goods and services that are a bit more inelastic in their demand. For instance, if you’re in a luxury goods or services business, you may need to innovate to provide a more necessary good or service. A perfect example is NetFlorist – a flower and gifting delivery service that innovated to also deliver fresh produce. Definitely a smart extension of their business in hard times.

3. Don’t Check the News a Hundred Times a Day

Looking at your phone or watching tv for COVID 19 news multiple times a day is not doing anything for your sanity or spirit. It can drown out any positivity left in your mind. As a result, the lockdown becomes more difficult for yourself and your family when anyone is grouchy. It is important to keep current and in the loop, but check the news only once or twice a day. That is usually enough.

4. Keep In Meaningful Touch with Loved Ones

You’ve received a dozen viral videos of all the COVID 19 jokes out there. It’s great to laugh at the funny side of a pandemic. But what’s also good is to forward more faith-promoting and uplifting stuff that takes our minds off the hot topic at the moment. What’s even better than that is to video call your friends and family members and check up on them. When we think of others and talk to them about their concerns and how they are doing, it uplifts everyone. It also helps us to “virtually” get out the house and visit other people in their homes.

5. Teamwork in Your Home

#Wereallinthistogether… this also applies to the mountain of dishes and laundry in your home. There has to be a system or schedule or expectations in place in your home when it comes to home cleanliness and chores. Whatever works for you and your family, it needs to happen. One of my big favorite tools in getting my kids to clear up their toys is setting the microwave timer for 5 or 10 minutes. During this time they need to tidy up everything lying around or whatever is left gets swallowed up into the big black bag. This is actually just a big plastic refuse bag that can temporarily store huge amounts of toys and clothes. The kids have to earn them back or selected items get stored, sold or given away. (Works every time.)

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

6. Do Something You Love

I know what it feels like to wake up in the morning these days and come to the realization that the world is currently facing this pandemic. Your stomach sinks. You feel overwhelmed and depressed. What you need is something to keep you excited and to keep you going. We’ve all suddenly had to become paranoid and anxious about disinfecting everything even if we don’t suffer from OCD or the like. It’s a crazy time. But if you are going to be strong as a parent or spouse, you need to find something to do each day that brings meaning and joy and excitement in your life. Is it doing family history? Catching up on baby albums you never had time to do? Learning a new skill or hobby? Whatever it is, it needs to bring you joy and light during this dark time.

7. What Matters Most

Indeed, this time in the world is historical. It has humbled many and people’s lives may never be the same again. It’s pretty sobering. After all you thought was so important and attractive in the world, you have had to take a step back and wonder how you will live differently when things go back to normal, whenever that will be. How will you live more meaningfully? What matters most?

No one needs to tell you what this is for you; you’ll know.

Thanks for reading! Share in the comments below the ways you have coped with lockdown and what has helped you live better during this time. Stay safe at home!


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